Kenya Introduction

If there is to be a ninth world wonder then it has to be in Kenya!! Located on the east side of the great continent of Africa…there is a lot to be experienced if ‘wonder’ is what you are looking for: from the rich cultural heritage, the breathtaking landscapes, to the pre-historic sites and invigorating sandy beaches. Crowning this is the unmatched wildlife experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Did I mention that we run? Yes, we do, Kenya is home to the world’s greatest marathoners, but don’t take our word for it, put on your running gear and follow suit as we take a whirlwind tour. Don’t worry; we’ll be gentle on you…just three paragraphs and we are done.

First, you meet the Maasai community; known for their consistency in cultural practices but even more interestingly for their co-existence with wildlife. You know one by their red ‘shuka’ with whitish stripes and colorful traditional ornaments.

We get the name Maasai mara from them, a renown game reserve, exceptionally known for the wild beast migration. This is also the perfect place to see the Big Five in their wild and untamed state. Other parks include the Amboseli national part facing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tsavo east & west, Nairobi national park just at the heart of the city among others.

This will need a lot more effort, so tighten your thighs and strengthen your knees as we get to the third-highest point on earth, Mount Kenya!! Then as a breather, we go downhill to the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Then take a water break at the freshwater lakes around; lake Nakuru is perfect if the flamingos will let you have their water, if not we can go to Lake Naivasha or Lake Elemtaita instead. If you look around you will notice that I am not with you, I sneaked out on you, but if you catch up with me I promise to show you one of the most romantic places around. The Lewa Downs, also known as the beauty that made Britain’s Prince…go Down on one knee, so hurry!!

Now for some play, we finish our tour by heading to the coastal part of Kenya. Here we pass by the clean and wavy sandy beaches of Diani, as we meet another diverse community, the Swahili people, and their mouth-watering cuisines. The diversity doesn’t end with the people as this is also the place we find ancient sites like the Fort Jesus, Jumba la Mtwana, Siyu Fort and others. Other pre-historic sites in Kenya include the Olduvai Gorge, Olgersaille, Koobi Fora among others.

We have been bad hosts, making you run this much on the first day. However, you can now have a look at our itinerary and now have an experience where you have a royal experience of endless fun and learning. Book a Safari now and be part of the adventure!!